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The Voyage of The Dove and The Dolphin

The Dove and the Dolphin has formed around one main, initial project: the Voyage to Ashdod to deliver badly needed food to starving children, but such has been the support we have received, that we are confident that it will inspire us and others to undertake new projects.

Hopefully, we shall be able to report our future activities in these modest pages, but in the meantime we'll keep you up to date with the Voyage of the MV Barbara as she sails from Torquay in South West England to the port of Ashdod on the shores of the Mediterranean.

Shortly before David Halpin, the project leader and founder of The Dove and the Dolphin sailed from Torquay on Saturday 1 February 2003 with his 3 cohorts, he wrote these words:

"I have been asked many times why we are making this voyage to Ashdod and Gaza.

Firstly we know that many families there live in crushing poverty. The malnutrition rate in the children is reported to be 50%. We are taking about 50 tons of essential foodstuffs. We are also of course taking ourselves and thus sharing our brotherhood.

Secondly we are pointing the ship at a country which has been the centre of conflict and bitter dispute for 55 years."

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