18 July 2005

First step in legal action to uphold human rights law in the occupied remnants of Palestine.

The UK government and the EU commission appear not to have met those obligations arising from the clear rulings of the ICJ on the 'wall' made one year ago. The centrality of human rights law that is bound into the EU/Israel Association Agreement, has als

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17 July 2005

The Dove and The Dolphin joins with War on Want to speak for human rights in the remnants of occupied Palestine.

One rule in the Fourth Geneva Convention is that the 'means of sustaining life' are not denied an occupied people. The 'wall' is taking land and water from many Palestinian families. The west is immobile in the face of this. This little charity must do

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08 August 2004

Some good news to leaven the bad.

We report the Dove and Dolphin acts of charity since October 2003. A UN report sets the context.

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07 March 2004

Second container leaves for Gaza on 12 March 2004

Exeter Friends of Palestine have been collecting gifts and money since the Autumn. A 40ft container will be loaded in Teignmouth tomorrow 8 March and will leave Portbury on Friday 12 March.

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01 March 2004

Boscastle Busker on BBC

A diary has been made about the lady vicar of Boscastle and the drive to renew the faith and the fabric.

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22 December 2003

Good press interest

Radio and TV

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19 October 2003

Newsletter No 3 October 2003

A review of a two week tour through Gaza, Hebron and Jerusalem by David and his friend Neil Young. Highs and lows.

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25 July 2003

Container packed 21 July 2003 in double quick time ie 2 hours.

On that day interview at 7.15am with Michael Chequer of BBC Radio Devon. 11.30am interview on Carlton with Tiffany at Burrow Farm. Articles in Western Morning News on 19 July 2003, Express and Echo by Steven Blaakman on 22 July 2003 (detailed article) a

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24 July 2003

Filling and despatch of container reported well

Burrow Farm has been the centre of activity for some months but it reached a crescendo on Monday 21 July 2003

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13 July 2003

News letter No 2

The container is being packed and dispatched on the 21 July. Our future plans are clear

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16 April 2003

Western Morning News reports.


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11 March 2003

New pictures

A selection of pictures by Phil Ireland taken in Gaza have been uploaded today. High resoltion versions are available. Send email to request. More pics in days to come.

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03 March 2003

Newsletter No 1

The Voyage of the Dove and the Dolphin. From the ship to our return home.

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27 February 2003

Keeping the flag flying

Plea for woollens - new pictures on web - donations keep coming

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24 February 2003

Team back - and thinking of the future

A video, a book - and new ventures!

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20 February 2003

Mission accomplished

They are on their way home. Brave men fly back to Heathrow today

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19 February 2003

Youngest team-member

Everybody working hard in Gaza. Stuart working well with "older" team members. Report from David on food distribution.

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18 February 2003

Mission reaches Gaza City

Aid is now being distributed and future plans being hatched

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16 February 2003

Barabra rides at anchor off Ashdod

Team now waiting for a berth so last stage of mission can begin

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16 February 2003

Unloading starts Monday morning

M V Barbara expected to dock and unloading to start frist thing tomorrow

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15 February 2003

Bad weather holds up docking

M V Barbara is nearing Ashdod but bad weather and congestion will delay docking

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14 February 2003

All ship shape approaching Ashdod

Barbara expectedto arrive in Ashdod Saturday night/Sunday morning

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13 February 2003

Last-minute hitch leaving Malta

Inspection team descends on M V Barbara

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10 February 2003

A captain's thoughts

M V Barbara's skipper gives his thoughts

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10 February 2003

Spectacular entrance to Valetta

First stop Malta - then on to Ashdod

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09 February 2003

First stop Malta - Monday

Barbara heasding for Malta. Chance to make contact

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08 February 2003

Donations flowing in

Letters of support plus donations arrive every day

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07 February 2003

Stopping in Malta

M V Barbara expects to stop in Malta on Monday - poss media contact

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05 February 2003

Making progress

News from home and aboard!

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05 February 2003

Working aboard the M V Barbara

Life settles down aboard the boat

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04 February 2003

Keeping calm in heavy seas

The seas are heavy but the team are coming to terms with it

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03 February 2003

Sea sickness - and song!

Getting use to life aboard the M V Barbara

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