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David needs to keep people informed about the rapid changes to the life of the Palestinian people, especially in the 'occupied territories'.  In fact, all Palestine is occupied by a criminal impostor. He will always speak the truth, and without fear.   

02 November 2023

Gaza is Hamas’s Iron Dome – The Symbol of Palestinian National Struggle.

David Halpin FRCS adds this. The zenith of elemental evil is now seen in Gaza, the dear people of which welcomed me and my fellows in February 2003. See Eyes Open Gaza - a film of 20 minutes. Website - dhalpin.infoaction.org.uk/ The most terrible suffering of the people was seen then but now it is beyond words. There is a continuum of fascism going well back before WW2. The 'fascist' - 'the one who delights in crushing the life out of others'. They are there in Westminster, in our 'Mother of Parliaments', in the Senate and Congress of the US, and in the EU. As Antoine says, they are all complicit - in the oppression of this noble people for more than the 72 years, and their dehumanisation. Most humans are innately good - the mother with her baby on her breast the icon. People power (Pilger) will now see to it that Palestine will be Free.

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