02 November 2023

Gaza is Hamas’s Iron Dome – The Symbol of Palestinian National Struggle.

The network of Defence systems that Hamas has built in Gaza over the years is actually its home-made Iron Dome. Can’t afford an American one.

In a dense area like the Gaza Strip where 'Israel', the bulwark of American and Western imperialism in the Middle East, has imprisoned 2.2M Palestinians, the
Resistance actually had no place to go but down. Smart, huh! And below means below the whole 'strip'. (25 miles by 5 miles) Since there is no surface area
available, the strip becomes the Iron Dome of the Palestinian national struggle.

What makes this unique is that it has proven to be the most effective means of self-defence, unlike that of the American-supplied Zionist state employed one,
which, on Oct 7, completely failed to do its job and so the military was caught with its pants down. They were caught napping. Literally. Hamas woke them up.
This is what is angering the Zionist military: "How could such a ramshackle bunch of 'terrorists'," they asked themselves, "defy the most sophisticated security
network in the world by using such home-made glider-drones"?

I can understand their frustration, their punctured ego, their blind arrogance and their need to take revenge to repair their injured ego. Their Masters are waiting.
But in order to do that, they had to actually flout all International Laws and Conventions and to start indiscriminate bombing and murdering of children,
babies, women, old men and thousands of innocent civilians? Starve them to death? Shut down all their means of communication so they cannot call for help?
Bomb their medical facilities, hospitals, churches, schools and mosques where they sought refuge from the indiscriminate bombardments? Ethnically cleanse
them and deport them to other unsafe corners of their prison? Do you do that irrespective of International Law and the Geneva Convention? No, you don't.

But, yes, you do that because you have the backing, the support and the collusion of the hypocritical leaders of the United States, the United Kingdom and
of the EU? Yes, you have and Yes, You Can (using Obama’s election call).

BUT, you know that history has shown us that such genocide will doom you and your supporters and will relegate you to the dustbin of history.